Ahhhh.... the Comfort and Familiarity of Our Own Home

For most of us, living independently in our own home is something we take for granted. We don't give it a thought. That is until physical challenges begin to threaten our independence.

helps many people remain in their own homes despite minor limitations. We do the leg work locating the best products and services (at the best prices!) to help with your particular situation. With IndependAid, you may be able to delay — or totally avoid — the expense and distress of moving to assisted living.  

Could you, or a Loved One, use help:
  • Setting up pills, paying bills, cooking a nice meal?
  • Getting a reliable ride to the doctor?
  • Locating a grocery delivery service in your area?
  • Hiring a trustworthy Housekeeping Service?
  • Selecting, purchasing and delivering a gift to a friend?
  • Finding someone who can paint your house in a high quality manner?
  • Having meals delivered to your door?
  • Receiving reminder calls for important dates and events?
  • Finding opportunities to socialize in your area?
  • Locating a reputable carpenter for repairs around the house?
  • Getting the best price on a walker? a wheelchair? a scooter?
  • Having your home retrofitted for improved safety and easier mobility?

These are a few examples of how IndependAid is helping people continue to live independently at home. 

New Diagnosis, New Needs, or New to Caregiving?

If you are navigating uncharted caregiving waters, unsure of next steps, overwhelmed by the myriad of choices, or simply need a helping hand to remain independent, tap into the decade of caregiving experience at IndependAid.  We are a subscription-based service.  We do not affiliate with any product or service providers -- we make no commissions nor add any markups -- so we provide unbiased recommendations that truly meet YOUR needs!

We're only here to help.  We hope you'll feel comfortable contacting us to discuss your situation.  We'll honestly let you know if we can help.  And, if IndependAid is not what you need at this time, we'll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Lowering your stress is at the heart of our business.  We've all been there -- trying to do too much with too little time when a loved one needs more help than we can give.  Each IndependAid
subscription provides the first week free so you can try us out with absolutely no obligation and NO RISK!  As always, you can cancel at any time. So, why wait?  Put IndependAid to work for you.  You’ll be glad you did; in fact, we guarantee it.

Your initial consultation ($35 value) is our gift to you!  You don't need to go it alone.  See if we can lend a helping hand. Call (248) 344-4430, or email us today at


We are certified by the American Red Cross to offer the American Red Cross Family Caregiving  ProgramContact us, or your local American Red Cross office, to check on workshops planned in your area.

The best and most beautiful things
in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart. 
- Helen Keller

We do Everything You Would Do 

if you Had the Time, Experience and Resources.

If you don't....

Put IndependAid  to Work for You to:          

Assess Individual Needs:  We assess the changing needs as one ages or is diagnosed with a condition that threatens independence.       
Select the Right Products/Services:  We determine which products or services are needed to help maintain independence.    

Locate Best Sources:  We find the best products and/or services to
accommodate your specific situation -- in your local area -- starting with any free services that may be offered.  

Get the Highest Quality at the Best Price:  We continually research the most-trusted brands, the  best quality -- and the best prices -- using factors like technical quality ratings, consumer satisfaction reports, price comparison data, available discounts, and objective third-party feedback.      

And, if desired, we can even:
Provide Your Own Virtual Personal Assistant.  Your ongoing, carefree, "Handle it All" Solution provides all of the above, PLUS: 

(1) Full access to our caring Personal Assistants, (2) Negotiating the best price and warranty terms for you, (3) Purchasing (with your prior approval) what you need, (4) Following-up to ensure delivery/receipt/arrival, (5) Checking on your satisfaction with the products and/or services, (6) Providing additional guarantees of suitability and performance (everything we source for you must work right, AND be right for you!), and (7) Handling all guarantee/warranty matters for you until you are completely delighted!

The decision to secure a service or purchase a product is yours to make.  There's never any sales pressure, nor required purchases.
"After my surgery, I'm happy to be back home and on my own... with a little help from IndependAid."

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